Epilepsy Alarm helps Michael

Epilepsy Alarm helps Michael

Michael is just 35 years old and had previously been employed as a HGV driver, but suffered a serious assault inflicting serious head injuries. Michael was placed into an induced coma for 7 days and subsequently developed a number of longterm health issues. He now suffers from significant epileptic activity, memory loss, PTSD and organic brain disease. His sole carer and Mum is anxious to do as much as possible to help him live as independently as is possible, given his disabilities, but recognises that his seizures could strike at any time, resulting in a need for help.

MY Foundation has provided Michael with an Embrace 2 seizure watch which is able to recognise the symptoms of a seizure and notify a carer or other monitoring parties that the wearer requires help. The watch gives everyone an added level of safety and assurance that Michael can get help when he needs it.

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